Preach1 Day is about us receiving the covenant that God is offering to us in Romans 15:5-6. Option (1) Believers benefit by receiving the bible prophecy with a Harmony Living Grant throughout Michigan, in a foundation platform of Christ Jesus, God receives glory by togetherness in a sighting of Believers, offering glory to God by his word alone, in one spirit voice. Option (2) Hide his glory, leaving things as they are, now go figure.

Hatred sins are taking place even on holy grounds. Many are hurting, hopefully you or your family were not a victim left crying out in the cities streets of Michigan cities. We heard them cry on the News Stations saying “somebody has to do something”! Yet it’s no one’s job to stop unforeseen crimes, it’s only punishable when caught. We’re in a spirit war, the only offense for believers are to worship. Let us receive God’s chastening on evil people, yet some are our family members, but won’t stop evil works and repent!

Dare you weight-in the Word of God (Romans 15:5-6) with your  “ _________ ”

consensus, regarding Preach1 Day!  Shall we witness a great wrath on them who rises a wedge between citizens wanting to worship with us. It’s about bringing a Cup-of-Glory to God, via the effervescence of Preach1 Day? If any opposes, please come forth, write to us at: if you’re not seeing a bible prophecy in this ministry.

Freely, I come to you with God’s Word interpreted, we must not reject anyone but prepare our community for this day. We’re upon the season where Michigan’s Preach1 Day ceremony (2 minute worship) is forthcoming afterwards, it will close for 100 years.

To glorify our God Head over 31100+ Believers are needed to pledge, please register at site or rush a mail-in form with your proposed verse for managing the debut of Preach1 Day. Every verse/Believer is a fraction to this pure worship, Be on time! Remember heaven and earth shall pass away before God’s word/voice comes back void, that’s done by His word living and working in His people.

By the spirit of God, men and women shall teach a great many children their verse, may God’s grace stay with you and be passed down through your generations! God wants the children’s presence in the pledge of Preach1 Day, Amen!

If you don’t have a favorite non-profit that you favor, we pray you adopt Preach1 Day. There is much work done and more work needed, please help!

God’s lowly grant write:Larry Denson

248-569-8585 to register your scripture while available

God make’s Lost Man a grant
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