Mission: To Glorify GOD As Purposed! We’re speaking Word Voice to every Bible verse together, to glorify God by one cup. Romans 15:6 Our pursuit is to complete such verse that brings the grant of Unity-Harmony from God.

1. Select a Bible Verse to learn (proof God is living in you).

2. Reserve your bible verse at Preach1.org,  mail it in or call 248-569-8585.

3. Assemble on forthcoming date, start time:12:58 PM for the one-voice recitation of 2 Minutes

4. Afterwards, have communion service outdoors in city streets.

We are not a religion but a production work to speak one voice of God unanimously. We work

a commission gospel on earth for a two minutes assembly. Our labor is the written duty in Romans 15:6 as written, that Father God be glorified as directed by spoken voice of God’s Word. We believe the outdoor gathering of the saints is the assembly not to be forsaking but honored in glorifying God together with Jews and Gentiles. We shall be strengthen after we complete all deeds of Romans 15:6 in glorifying our God who shall straightway glorify Christ Jesus on this day. It’s then we can live as one entity in accord with Christ Jesus prophecy for the revealed church on earth.